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Fic: "Tangled Up In You" (Nick/Macy)

Okay, so I totally failed at my first attempt at jb_bigbang, and whilst I’m gutted I didn’t manage to write 15,000 words I was happy with (I got to about 12k but most them were awful), I’m still really glad I tried.

And in an effort to not make the ordeal a complete waste I’ve salvaged a snippet from that to offer to any S1 Nick/Macy fans that might still be out there. I’m still on the fence about JONAS LA shenanigans right now. It all just feels a little too forced, but maybe they’ll win me over in time. We shall see.

Regardless, hopefully you can enjoy this coda to one of my favourite S1 JONAS eps Double Date:

Tangled Up In You
Summary: “Well, I know this looks really bad, but before you say anything, Joe offered me a deal that was too good to pass up!” (Macy, 1x18 Double Date)
Genre: Nick/Macy, JONAS fluff, set in same universe as Hit Me With Your Best Shot and Rounding Second
Rating: PG (more talk than making-out this time sadly *sigh* But the groping with return, fear not!)
Spoilers: Anything up to 1x18 Double Date
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine, no offence or infringement intended, but please do not redistribute this fic without my permission. Title is a reference to lyrics from Howie Day’s “Collide.”
Author’s Note: This is basically a coda to Double Date which was an episode I felt was just screaming with potential for undercover Nick/Macy hook-ups and banter. Set in the same universe as my previous fics, but all you really need to know is that Nick and Macy are engaging in a secret relationship during S1 JONAS. This is for all the awesome people for enjoyed and commented on my last fics. Hopefully I have broken my writer’s block and further snippets will appear over the course of the summer...*fingers crossed*

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Feedback is amazing and always greatly appreciated.
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My attempt at being festive...

Firstly, I hope you have all had safe, enjoyable, and preferably fun times over this festive period. *big hugs to you all*

Ok, so in an attempt to get to know some of the new people on my flist and also to be a bit more active with my LJ I'm actually doing a meme.

Stolen from pressdbtwnpages:

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. If you absolutely can't write, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to offer drawings or icons or something instead.

(Don't feel obligated to post this on your own LJ, I'm just feeling festive and want a chance to give back to my wonderful flist).

Fandoms I'll write include: Band Of Brothers, The Good Wife, Jonas Brothers/Disney RPF, JONAS (the show), Easy Academy AU, Defying Gravity, Standoff, Nick Jonas/any RLiv character (seeing a pattern here?), and of course the old school ships (‘cos some things never lose their sheen): Firefly, Farscape, Joan of Arcadia, Odyssey 5, Dark Angel, Stargate SG-1, Enterprise and probably other shows that you know I watch. Feel free to ask away.

If you want feel free to request a few prompts and I'll see which most catches my (and the muse's) eye.

I currently have about five plotbunnies in my brain at the moment and I'm hoping tackling some prompts might shake the cobwebs loose and get me writing again. This year I've had more feedback on fic than ever before (truly AMAZING – you have no idea how much that meant to me) and yet the muse is running scared...hopefully we can lure it back with drabbly goodness. *grin*

Fic: "The FBI Always Gets Their Man (And So Does Nick Jonas)" Matt Flannery/Nick Jonas, STANDOFF AU

Ok, so I'm trying to write at least three fics at the moment (the next installment of my DG AU, two more pieces of Nick/Macy fluff nonsense), but for some reason this idea would just not leave me alone so I figured I might as well exorcise it in the hopes it will allow me to return to the fic I should be writing.

The FBI Always Gets Their Man (And So Does Nick Jonas)
Summary: Perhaps Emily wasn’t Matt’s first dabble in inter-office romance?
Genre: Matt Flannery/Nick Jonas, STANDOFF /Disney RPF crack. Pre-series, angst, comfort nonsense.
Rating: PG-13 (but this is pretty tame)
Spoilers: Nothing specific as pre-series, just general knowledge of characters, etc.
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine, no offence or infringement intended, but please do not redistribute this fic without my permission.
Author’s Note: So how does one respond the news that Ron Livingston is now married and thus no longer available for one to seduce? Well, in my case it appears that I write unnecessarily plotty Matt Flannery/Nick Jonas makeouts. To each their own I guess... Please enjoy, if such a thing is possible!

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Feedback, as always, is adored and also incredibly inspiring.
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More fic! "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" (Nick/Macy)

Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Summary: "I thought I'd listen to Kevin's advice and have a little more school spirit. The only reason I don't come to these games is because I never meet anyone like myself" (Nick, 1x10 -Love Sick)
Genre: Nick/Macy, JONAS fluff
Rating: PG-13 (just in case, but again very tame – the smut will come in time though, fear not!)
Spoilers: Anything up to 1x16 Forgetting Stella’s Birthday
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine, no offence or infringement intended, but please do not redistribute this fic without my permission.
Author’s Note: So I started writing this before the fic I posted earlier, but the awesome response to the linen closet nonsense inspired me to sit down and finish it – you guys are amazingly kind. Thank you so much! As I said, this is my attempt to explain how Nick and Macy would start hooking up – which would then leave them free for linen closet makeouts and other sexytimes. So yes, this is more me justifying future smut to myself – hope you find it vaguely convincing and not too OOC? If you do, maybe you can still appreciate the making-out? *grin*

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Feedback is amazing, and as this fic proves, inspires me to get off my ass and write more fic – woot! But seriously, any feedback is treasured. Now to reply to all your awesome comments on “Rounding Second”! Thanks again guys – you’re all made of awesome.
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Fic: "Rounding Second" (Nick/Macy)

Rounding Second
Summary: "I remember this game being a lot more fun." (Stella)
Genre: Nick/Macy, JONAS fluff
Rating: PG-13 maybe? Very fluffy, slightly smutty but pretty tame, teenagery feelings etc. etc.
Spoilers: 1x16 Forgetting Stella’s Birthday
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine, no offence or infringement intended, but please do not redistribute this fic without my permission.
Author’s Note: So I’m currently working on a Nick/Macy fic about feelings and sports and other vague cuteness, and have thus been rewatching episodes. And when I got to Forgetting Stella’s Birthday my brain just went: “What if Nick and Macy were secretly hooking up in this episode? All the eyecontact and the pyjamas and just yeah. So instead of working on proper fic my muse instead insisted I write this fluffy nonsense at 3am when I should have been sleeping Argh! The problem is, now that I’ve written this I just keep seeing more and more opportunities for secret hook-ups and sexytimes in certain JONAS episodes, so yes, there may well be more where this came from. What has happened to my brain? *sigh*

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Feedback would be amazing, as always, but I’m aware this (once again) will only probably appeal to about five people. Enjoy if possible!*grin*

And yes, for those who are all, “How would they even start hooking up?,” the next fic I’m working on tries to answer that very question so keep your eyes peeled.
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The madness continues

I'm slightly embarrassed by how glad I am that SPACE have picked up the last four episodes of Defying Gravity. Hopefully this means someone will put them online as I live in the UK and can't stream episodes online through the network sites. I am convinced the show has no shot at being renewed as objectively it's pretty shocking (RLiv being the obvious exception), has terrible ratings and should be cancelled.

But the prospect of not getting to see the last four episodes that have already been made was actually quite a worrying prospect for me, I mean how can I continue my epic crack!fic without new material? *sigh*

And for all those lovely peeps who requested it, I am indeed working on at least two more fics based loosely around episodes (oh god), and hopefully the new episodes will either breed more plotbunnies or inspire me to go completely AU and create my own hallucination/crazy space nonsense plotline and more backstory.

I'm just finding it hard to take the whole HALO nonsense seriously. Who the hell came up with that idea? *shakes head at crazy writing team*
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Random crack!fic: "Please Don't Let Me Hit The Ground"

Ok, for the the first time in at least a year I had an urge to write and it seems to be this piece of crazy nonsense which is over 4,000 words! I think easy_academy has done something to my brain... I feel my writing skills are incredibly rusty at this point but hey, maybe this will help bring the muse back from the dead. Enjoy (if possible!)

Please Don’t Let Me Hit The Ground
Summary: I’ve never met anyone quite like you before.
Genre: Nick Jonas/Maddux Donner, Disney RPF/Defying Gravity, crack, smut, fluff (I have possibly lost my mind at this point...)
Rating: R (for sexytimes and swearing)
Spoilers: 1x02 Natural Selection
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine, but please do not redistribute this fic without my permission. I’ve wasted far too much time and energy over this silly thing. Lyrics in title and summary both from New Order’s “Temptation.”
Author’s Note: I have no idea how this happened. The first line is shamelessly stolen from londondrowning and her comments in a thread over at easy_counseling. All based around the bar scene in episode two of Defying Gravity and how this show would automatically be five times more awesome if the character of Zoe Barnes was replaced with Nick Jonas. I think easy_academy may have melted my brain a little, congrats guys! Also, this is my first attempt at m/m slash so hope it’s not too terrible. Also, I kind of can’t stand that RLiv’s character is named Maddux so he’s referred to as Donner for most of the fic.
Dedication: For londondrowning if she’ll have it, as her awesome Nick/Nix (in all its multiple AU universe permutations) has helped keep me sane the last few months.

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Feedback would be amazing, as always, but I’m aware this will only probably appeal to about five people! *grin*
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General Update

Hey guys,

I know I don't really update this LJ much any more - as you know I used to use it mainly as a source for fic-posting and the muse seems to have given up the ghost a while back...though I never completely give up hope that it may return one day... *fingers crossed*  As you' ve hopefully noticed I still regularly check LJ though and love being able to stay up to date in what is happening in all of your lives/what your new fandom obsessions are and adding the occasional comment when I feel I have something worth saying.

As for what's going on with me in RL, these days I'm living in Scotland and working towards my PhD (I even got funding believe it or not!) and still watching far too much TV.  My current obsessions are Sarah Connor Chronicles, BSG, True Blood, Dexter, Gossip Girl, FNL and Torchwood - though I still hold massive torches for many of the old school OTPs and regularly try and seek out fic to relive the glory days. hehe.

Hope you are all still keeping well!
*huggage to all*
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Fic! *dies of shock*

“Popularity Contest”

By Konstantine

Summary: ”Life is a test and I get bad marks."

Genre: Heroes, Peter/Claire fluff, minor angst (well, it is *me* after all! hehe.)

Rating: PG
Spoilers:  None really, fairly AU, set post-season one.

Disclaimer:  Characters are not mine, but please do not redistribute without permission.  Lyrics from “Degausser” by Brand New.

Author’s Note:  I haven’t written fic in a *long* time, which I’m sure is readily apparent from this but hey, something about these two sparked the muse’s interest so I just followed its lead and this is what appeared. Short and pretty pointless but still…Fic! *is still amazed*  Might end up incorporating this into something larger that I also have in mind but figured I’d get this up in case the other parts don’t ever materialise…*evilly eyes the muse up*

Dedication:  For Ness, as always (if she’ll have it)



“…when we were made we were set apart,
Life is a test and I get bad marks,
Now some saint got the job of writing down my sins,
The storm is coming, the storm is coming in…


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Feedback is always massively appreciated.
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Merry Christmas!

Hey guys,

Yes, I am still alive. heh. Sorry I haven't posted in an AGE, but I only really use this journal for fic and as I haven't been feeling inspired lately it just hasn't been updated.

This said, here is my latest attempt to get out of the writing funk, and also provide some small sort of present for Ness.

Hope everyone has a lovely, fun and safe Christmas.
*mad huggles to all*

*deep breath*

By Konstantine
Summary: The cool down period.
Genre: Teyla/Ronon, Smutty fluff
Rating: PG-13 maybe? Tis rather tame I must admit.
Spoilers: Lost Boys Part 1
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine, but please do not redistribute without permission.
Author’s Note: Please note, I am writing this having seen none of Stargate: Atlantis except the episode in question which I saw last night and which inspired me to write something for Ness, as a sort of mini Christmas present.
Dedication: For Ness. Sorry we haven’t been able to stay as in touch as we would both have liked, but just wanted to show you you’re still my internet hon, and the only thing that seems to in any way inspire the muse these days. Hehe. Hope you enjoy in some way. *mad huggles and love*
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Feedback is always, always greatly appreciated.