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Another fly-by fic...

Okay, someone gave my muse chocolatey treats *eyes Ness suspiciously* which sent it off for some reason on a random "Dusk"-verse tangent.

The end result?

This thing here...

By Konstantine
Summary: “And you say… ‘Stay.’ ”
Genre: Trip/T’Pol Angst, Ficlet
Spoilers: Set in my Twilight AU universe from ”Dusk”
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine, but please do not redistribute without permission. Lyrics from “Stay (I Missed You)” by Lisa Loeb.
Author’s Note: Written on a total whim. More of a ficlet than a fic if I’m honest. Set in my infamous “Twilight” angst-verse. *grin* As usual if I have left any typos, please have pity on me. I suck at typing.
Dedication: “This is to a girl who got into my head with all the pretty things she did…” *huggles*

When he was sure she was asleep, he reluctantly extricated himself from her embrace and began to dress.

He had just begun to pull his vest back over his head when he felt the softest of touches on his arm.

He turned to find her still enveloped in bed sheets, her eyes instantly meeting his own.

His position shifted ever so slightly from the edge of the bed, so that he could gently trail a hand along her cheek.

“I thought you were asleep,” he announced softly, his tone hushed.

They were both painfully aware of who slept soundly only two doors down.

Her hand grabbed his, his fingers instinctively tangling with hers. It was gestures like these that worried him most. Made him fear things had gone too far. That they were becoming too dependent.

And dependency was the one thing they could never have.

“You’re leaving,” she states factually.

He looked briefly out towards the window and the impending dawn. He never thought he’d actually come to bemoan the coming of a new day. But then, he’d never thought moonlight trysts could lose their mystery and allure.

But they had.

“It’s getting late,” he replies, his voice surprisingly husky.

She nods once, a silent admission in the removal of her hand from his, and he turns away from her again and begins to hunt for his boots. They can’t have strayed far.

The silence between them seems especially thick – especially suffocating – for some reason.

And then she says the one word that has to power to bring this whole thing crashing to the ground. That has to power to break the fragile equilibrium they have fought so hard to maintain.


She doesn’t plead. T’Pol was never the type to plead. She merely states. But her underlying meaning isn’t lost on him.

His whole body freezes. He can feel her gaze on his back. Waiting for some indication, some kind of response to her request.

He breathes deeply, a heavy sigh escaping his lips, and then turns to face her again.

“What about…”

The words trail off as soon as he meets her eyes. They’re more open than they’ve been in years. For the first time in what seems like forever, he can really see what she’s thinking, what she’s feeling.

And it breaks his heart.

The loneliness. The isolation. The anguish…

Without another word, he kicks off his boots, pulling himself back into the bed beside her. As he settles into position, she curls her delicate frame against his, tentatively resting her head upon his chest.

When he doesn’t push her away he feels her gently exhale and slowly begin to relax into his embrace. She reaches a hand across his chest once more to entwine with his own. He responds readily, enjoying the comforting feel of his hand in hers. Meanwhile, his other hand gently strokes her hair away from her eyes, enjoying the sensation of its newly-grown length.

So much had changed. And yet, so much is still the same.

So he stays. At least for now.


Any feedback is seriously adored.

Tags: enterprise, fic, trip/t'pol

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